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Stay away from each other

Good Evening All,

I guess the thing I want to discuss today is the social distancing aspect of the precautions. This is so important, that we are limiting our exposure to others and those who they may have come in contact with. It is a primary way the disease spreads.

Even in my small town of 1,000 people, that is 90 minutes from anywhere, people are not honoring this. Whether it be eating out, playing pick up basketball, or the bars, the bars seem to have a lot of vehicles at them still. We may not feel like we are sick but we can be carriers, we can not be high risk for ourselves, but if we continue these behaviors we become high risk to others.

So my plea tonight is listen to the warnings, adhere to the guidelines, wash your hands, if they are wrong and you were a little put out for a small time in your life, then maybe you picked up a new hobby. But think about this,what if they are right, what if you do nothing and your 90 year old neighbor dies of the virus or your sisters newborn had to literally fight for their life because someone did not think it was that big a deal.

As a good Lutheran, I know that I am supposed to obey the Government as long as it is not contrary to the preaching of the Gospel, contrary to Christ. As a man of faith, I trust wholeheartedly that God knows what God is doing. I believe in the promises fulfilled through His Son and I am thankful for that. Because of this I know we will make it through this temporary discomfort.

God Bless you as you navigate through this time of uncertainty. Your not in it alone, if you need to talk, let me know. Be vigilant and keep the faith.

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