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Attending to the Whole You

Below you will find a resource that the ELCA has been encouraging its leaders to use for many years. I call it the wellness wheel, but it is officially the wholeness wheel.

As we all settle into some kind of new day to day routine, maybe not our new normal but as close as it is going to get, I want to remind you to be taking care of yourself in all of these 6 identified areas. Notice that we all begin in the middle through baptism and we live out from there, you are named and claimed. Through this lens you can attend to areas of need in your life as well as areas that you do well.

I would encourage you to take a look at the wheel and find spaces that may be over inflated, then identify places that feel flatter than others. We all have areas to work on, for most of these they are not quick fixes, remember slow and steady wins the race.

I will point out too that Spiritual Well-Being, being on the outside, is the one that holds all the others together. How are you tending to your spiritual well being? Devotions, worship, prayer, teaching your kids the Lord's Prayer, the 10 Commandments and the Creed? Maybe through saying grace at every meal.

So for today I am just going to leave this for you to think over, maybe discuss with a partner.

Stay safe, be well, let your light shine and Keep the Faith!

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