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Church in UnExpected Ways

Good afternoon all. Because of the state we find ourselves in I am getting to learn more technology and ways to do ministry in unexpected ways. Sound familiar? It should since in Lent this years we are encountering the UnExpected Teacher, the UnExpected Healer and the UnExpected .......... You thought I would give that away? Not yet, we are still exploring the UnExpected Healer. More on that in my blog tomorrow.

Today I want to invite you to just take a deep breath and breathe. Breathe in new air, fresh air. Take a moment in all the chaos and know that you are not alone, that God walks with you. Take a moment to give thanks for what you have.

Church as we know it for the next few weeks will be totally different for each of us. Trinity Cooperstown will be experimenting with facebook live. How does that work? I am still learning but I know that you can access it by going to our facebook page at to watch through that portal. I am also in the process of trying to link to it through our website at this is still in progress. We'll be live on Sunday at 9:30. I also want to post videos as well, we'll see.

We know that the learning curve will be vast and quick but I am sure together we can get it done. If you know someone who may want to tune in for daily blogs or weekly worship please take a moment to help them set it up on their device.

Please practice social distancing as much as possible, reduce your contact with others, and stay safe. To be sure this is not a sprint, but rather a marathon so please try and settle into a steady pace and remember slow and steady wins the race.

Shalom, Pastor Rick

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